Want to get involved? The Financial Transaction Tax needs Your support!

We’re looking for people to spread the word far and wide about how we can turn a crisis for the banks into an opportunity for the world.


1 min time? Sign the Petition
Think we’re onto a good idea? Show your support and be the first to know all about the Robin Hood Tax (click: Posotions) then sign the petition. Check the box “Keep me posted about this and similar campaigns”. No pestering – just the latest news.

15 min time? Get the petition featured on your website
With the “PoliCAT” (Poli=Multiple Cyber Action Tool), our special multilingual web-programme, you can easily embed the RobinHoodTax petition into your webpage. With this so-called “widget” you can invite visitors of your website to directly sign the petition for a financial transaction tax. And what is even more fantastic: the widget is spreading virally! Each instance can be used not only to sign, it also provides the option to create a customised version of it for another website.

On the frontpage we have already embedded a customised version (Attention: javascript must be enabled!). For such a box, you only need to paste a small snippet of HTML code into your website. To create your own customised version of the petition, simply click on the little link “Embed this” underneath the petition text. Then you might adapt colour and size of your widget. Finally, enter your email and (organisation) name and click “generate code”. Copy the code from the field below into your webpage. Enjoy!

Note: Some websites work with content management systems that do not allow you to directly embed code snippets. In this case, ask your web admin to help you. It is very easy to do and absolutely safe.

Moreover, it is useful to spread the widget as widely as possible. Do you know any other website operators? Tell them about the widget and convince them to feature the Robin Hood Tax petition! By the way: The tool is also great to be advertised on social networks. According facebook and twitter buttons can be found in the footer of the widget.

30 min time? Download the banners and advertise the campaign!
Download the banner-pack (rightclick, save as…) and place one of the animated or static banners on your website or in your email-newsletters. Link it to the campaign website.