Time to scrap the ETS

After seven years of failure, the EU’s claims that it can ‘fix’ its collapsing Emissions Trading System (ETS) no longer have any credibility. We believe that the ETS must be abolished to make room for climate measures that work.

A position statement has been produced with the aim to collectively take a stance against the EU-ETS (find it attached in 7 languages).
It is “Time to scrap the ETS” and open the space to include this political option in the debate. More than 30 organizations have already supported the document. We call on civil society organizations and movements to endorse this call and join the fight to abolish the ETS.

Signatures from organizations/groups can be added through the blog (at this time we are not adding individual sign-ons):

*** ORGANIZATIONS-ONLY SIGN ON! Where it says ‘Full name’ write the name of your organization/group, NOT your name. Otherwise your signature CANNOT be counted. Thanks.

Your organization/group can also help disseminate the blog! You can (1) add the campaign banner -attached in 7 languages- to your website, (2) add the link on facebook, twitter and all social media you work with or (3) just by spreading it around through your networks and contacts! Please make sure to highlight when disseminating that at this time it is for organizations-only!!

Deadline for signing: 15th of February

The EU will discuss and vote this year a package of reforms attempting to ‘fix’ the ETS. It is time to stop this!
Keeping the ETS alive, and expanding it to other countries and areas like biodiversity and water, will result in yet more corporations profiteering at the expense of local populations while not working for climate.

The struggle against the ETS is the struggle for social, environmental and climate justice. It is a struggle for transforming our energy, transport, agricultural, production, consumption, distribution, disposal and financing systems.

For more information please contact:

Belen Balanya (CEO): belen@corporateeurope.org

on behalf of:
Joanna Cabello(CarbonTradeWatch), Elena Gerebizza (re:Common)